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We envision a world where mental health is seen as an integral part of overall health, and where all young people are able to access the resources and support needed to address early signs of depression.

At P.A.D. our mission is to reduce the number of preventable suicides among young people between 13 and 30 years of age by increasing awareness, identifying gaps in diagnosis and treatment, and advocating long-term policy change relating to depression.

At PAD we make presentations to PTA and high school health classes and to raise depression awareness. Information is empowerment. Armed with the information that PAD has gathered, it is our hope that others may be able to recognize when a loved one is in danger of wandering down a very dark path, and prevent the horror that we will have to endure for the rest of our lives.


We are not health care professionals. Our goal is to provide you information regarding depression and to tell you our story.Please contact your health care professionals regarding treatment options.

We have presented to several health classes and have received excellent feedback! At the end of each presentation the students received a survey to fill out. Please see the collected information below.

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If you are interested in having us present at your school or other venue please contact us.