What is PAD?

PAD is committed to bringing young adult depression out of the shadows and into the light of discussion and discovery.

What we do?

In an effort to find meaning and significance in our loss, we established PAD to gather, collate, organize, and present information to youth about the factors that may contribute to mental health diseases. We are not health care professionals – our goal is to provide information about depression, reduce associated stigma, and encourage youth to reach out when in need.

Using the information we have researched and gathered, PAD has created a curriculum for distribution and presentation in high school health classes and for Parent Teacher Associations (PTA). Since 2014, we have reached over 10,000 students and their parents and teachers via live health class presentations in Montgomery, Carroll, and Washington Counties in Maryland and Page County, Virginia. With support, we hope to deploy our curriculum nationwide to reach tens of thousands of students.

Information is power. Armed with the right facts, our hope is that others may be able to recognize when a loved one is in danger of wandering down a very dark path, and prevent the horror that we will have to endure for the rest of our lives.

What students think about PAD’s presentation

PAD has done presentations to around 10k high school students. The following is feedback from the students

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