What Parents say about our Presentation

"Very insightful. Information about integrated treatment is important. Also, the hormones and nutrition are good! I will look at the website as I have a child who suffers from depression."
“We need to keep talking about the stigma of mental health! Thank you”
“So glad you mentioned Naturopathic doctors. Not enough people know about this resource”
“Thank you for such an informative presentation – from someone who has been treated for depression and who has a child with social anxiety. Bless you!”
“Great presentation. Appreciate it being given to my child.”
“As someone who has almost all the symptoms you described, what people need and cry out for is a life ring. There has to be something to grab, especially in crises. People are crying out for a solution. Sometimes there is something that is overwhelming. Just a suggestion. Awesome video. Perfect!
“Well done! Never knew about the science side."
“I just want to say keep carrying your message. Parents should be in tune to little changes and don’t be afraid to ask their child. I applaud what you are doing.”
“We were grateful for your willingness to share your story and research. It was the first time the mechanisms of depression were explained in a manner that I could grasp the complexity of the condition.”
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What Students say about our Presentation

“I’m very sorry for your loss. I could refer this presentation to a friend because I have friends that are just like [your son].”
“This presentation gave me a lot of information about depression and now I feel like I can go get help.”
“I feel more prepared to try to help my sister now because of her depression. Having a relative who killed themselves from depression and having stopped a friend from killing themselves this presentation was awesome.”
“I like what you are doing with giving awareness to adults and students to realize that a person can go through many things and we won’t even recognize what they’re going through. It was a good presentation for us to learn about.”
“Please continue to do what you are doing. I’m sure that you are saving people’s lives by making them aware of this horrible disease.”
“I liked that you said depression was just like any other disease and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Your story was also very moving.”
“Please continue to do what you are doing. I’m sure that you are saving people’s lives by making them aware of this horrible disease.”
“I feel as if my eyes have been opened even more on this topic, and that I can help those around me with what I learned even more.”
“This helps me a lot because I am dealing with anxiety and am seeking help.”
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